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KöR Teeth Whitening in West Springfield, VA

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The Finishing Touch To Your Orthodontic Journey!

You invested in straightening your smile, now let it shine!

Congratulations on completing your orthodontic treatment at Trü Orthodontics! You’ve achieved a straighter, healthier smile, but lingering discoloration from treatment or everyday life can hold you back from showing it off with pride. We understand the unique needs of post-orthodontic patients and offer a powerful yet gentle whitening solution (KöR whitening) specifically designed to remove deep-seated stains and reveal the brilliance of your newly straightened smile.

Unveiling Your Post-Treatment Brilliance

Orthodontic treatment, like braces or aligners, works wonders for straightening your teeth, but the process can sometimes leave behind unwanted stains. This is because:

  • Food particles can get trapped more easily around brackets and wires during treatment, creating a breeding ground for stain-causing bacteria.
  • Certain foods and drinks can stain teeth, and their effects can become more noticeable with orthodontic attachments.
  • Mineral deficiencies during treatment can also lead to slight white spots on the enamel.

Professional Teeth Whitening To The Rescue!

KöR whitening can address these post-treatment concerns and help achieve a smile that’s both straight and brilliantly white. It targets:

Deep stains from coffee, tea & similar culprits

Surface stains

White spots

The Science Behind The Bright Smile

KöR whitening takes a powerful yet gentle approach to safely remove stains and reveal your brightest smile yet. Here’s how it works:

  • Advanced Whitening Gel: Unlike over-the-counter options, KöR uses a proprietary gel with a high concentration of hydrogen peroxide. This breaks down stain molecules for effective whitening.
  • Customizable Trays: For optimal results and comfort, we create custom-fitted trays that ensure the whitening gel stays in close contact with your teeth.
  • Desensitizing Properties: KöR incorporates desensitizers to minimize any potential sensitivity often associated with whitening treatments.
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What to Expect

Unlike one-size-fits-all store-bought whitening kits, KöR offers a personalized approach with at-home kits specifically designed for post-orthodontic patients. Here’s what you can expect:

We’ll create comfortable, custom-molded trays that perfectly fit your smile, ensuring even application of the whitening gel and maximizing results. You’ll receive professional-grade KöR whitening gel with a comfortable 16% carbamide peroxide concentration. This formula is effective at removing stains while minimizing sensitivity compared to over-the-counter options.

We’ll provide detailed instructions for using your at-home whitening kit but typically, KöR whitening involves wearing the custom trays with the gel overnight for around 2 weeks. We’ll personalize this based on your individual needs and desired level of whitening.

KöR whitening delivers noticeable results that last! With proper maintenance, you can enjoy your bright, white smile for years to come.

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Why Choose KöR Whitening?

Designed For Busy Schedules

KöR whitening utilizes custom-made trays for a comfortable and mess-free experience. Simply wear the trays at home for a designated time each day, and let the powerful whitening formula work its magic.

Powerful Yet Gentle

The professional-grade gel tackles deep-seated stains while incorporating desensitizing properties for a powerful whitening treatment that minimizes any potential sensitivity. All of the shine, none of the discomfort!

Long-Lasting Confidence

You’ve invested in straightening your smile, and KöR whitening helps you maintain that investment. This advanced system delivers noticeable results that last! With periodic maintenance treatments, you can enjoy your bright, white smile for years to come

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