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Get In On Orthodontics Early

A lot of people don’t realize the way your baby’s teeth grow can ultimately affect their teeth alignment as an adult!

The best thing you can do to set your child up for a great smile is get in on orthodontics early. Turning to Trü Orthodontics, the experts in pediatric orthodontics in West Springfield, helps you and your child avoid more extensive treatment later on!

Pediatric Orthodontics Overview

The key to a lifetime of successful orthodontic care is to start early! Pediatric orthodontics can help reduce the need for more extensive treatments, like full braces, as the child gets older.

How We Help

When performing orthodontic treatment for kids, we want to make sure everyone in the room feels comfortable every step of the way while we perform any exams or treatments. Some of our solutions for pediatric orthodontics in West Springfield include:

Palatal expanders

Partial braces

Space maintainers

And more

How We Approach Pediatric Orthodontics

Our approach to early orthodontics centers around a thorough assessment of each child’s oral growth, pinpointing any early signs of misalignment in teeth or jaw development. Our orthodontists in Springfield prescribe a variety of orthodontic devices, such as palatal expanders, to address bite irregularities and facilitate the proper spacing for permanent teeth. In other cases, we might suggest the use of partial braces or space maintainers to steer the correct alignment of teeth as they emerge. With a focus on non-invasive and gentle treatment methods, Trü Orthodontics in Springfield aligns with the natural growth process of children, aiming to reduce the need for more extensive orthodontic procedures later on.

West-Springfield orthodontics in progress.

What to Expect

Depending on your child’s unique anatomy and needs, appointments may look different from patient to patient. Typically, we will perform an evaluation to confirm any issues with your child’s jaw or teeth alignment. Some of those concerns may include protruding teeth, malocclusion, narrow jaw, or other bite complications. From there we can develop any needed treatment plans!

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Why Choose Trü for Pediatric Orthodontics?

Compassionate Providers

Our excellently trained orthodontists make it a priority to keep our patients and their caretakers safe and comfortable!

State-of-the-Art Technology

Our patients receive advanced 3D scanning instead of old-fashioned mold-taking, which makes the entire process a lot smoother for you and your kiddo.

Multiple Locations

With 4 location in Northern Virginia, we make it easy and convenient for you to find a friendly and effective pediatric orthodontic care no matter where you are!

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