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Night Guards

If you're ready to defend yourself from teeth grinding, consider visiting Trü Orthodontics for a custom night guard in West Springfield.

Adult Braces

Whether you want traditional metal braces or discreet options like Invisalign® and Trü Clear Aligners, you can find the best adult braces in West Springfield right here at Trü Orthodontics.

Teen Braces

We work with you and your child to find an orthodontic solution that works best for everyone! This may be traditional metal braces, InBrace lingual braces, or clear aligners like Invisalign® or our own Trü Clear Aligners.

Early Orthodontics

Turning to Trü Orthodontics, the experts in pediatric orthodontics in West Springfield, helps you and your child avoid more extensive treatment later on!


This teeth alignment method offers the same results as traditional braces, but instead of being on the outside of the teeth, we customize them to fit along the inside of the teeth.


Anyone who has used teeth aligners, whether traditional metal braces, lingual braces, or clear aligners like Invisalign, will need to use a retainer to keep teeth in their new place.


Invisalign offers the opportunity to straighten out your smile without the hassle and—let's face it—potential embarrassment of traditional metal braces.

Trü Clear Aligners

Trü Orthodontics is the only place that offers Trü Clear Aligners in West Springfield. You'll love this innovative and convenient approach to common teeth alignment issues.